Cogmed Working Memory Training

Cognitive Performance & Health is Cogmed Qualified Practice, which allows us to help you and your child with the ABC’s: Attention, Behavior and Capacity. Cogmed Working Memory Training is an online cognitive training program that improves working memory. Working memory is an executive function that allows the brain to store information for a short period of time, and then allows a person to manipulate that information to complete tasks, answer questions and solve problems.

Cogmed for Children

Children who struggle to stay focused and have difficulty learning, especially in reading and math, may need help with memory training. Cogmed has helped thousands of children with ADHD, learning disabilities and cognitive defects perform better in school, have more confidence, and improve their interpersonal relationships.

At Cognitive Performance & Health, the Cogmed Working Memory Training program starts with a consultation. We’ll sit down with you and your child to discuss their difficulties and come up with a personalized plan for success. The Cogmed training program is customizable to address whatever your child needs. After the consultation, your child can access the training program anywhere with an internet-enabled computer or tablet. The program constantly challenges your child to work harder to produce sustainable results. As a parent, you’ll be able to follow your child’s progress and performance on Cogmed.

View ourĀ Cogmed Child Fact Sheet.

Cogmed for Adults

After the age of 26, working memory deteriorates by about 1-2% each year. Do you have problems concentrating in meetings or staying focused on conference calls? Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you were there? Cogmed Working Memory Training can help.

Your memory training program starts with a consultation at Cognitive Performance & Health. Your coach will help you identify problems and come up with a plan for you. From there, you’ll follow your personalized online cognitive training program and have check ins with your coach. Cogmed delivers substantial and lasting results that translate into better interpersonal relationships at home and work, improved productivity, and more self-awareness. Contact Cognitive Performance & Health to get started today.

View ourĀ Cogmed Adult Fact Sheet.