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Cognitive Performance & Health Is

Performance HealthCognitive Performance & Health is dedicated to transforming medicine and healthcare to be patient centered, not driven by money.

Cognitive Performance & Health is a health care office with a true association of a doctor who strongly believes in health. Our approach is multifaceted and integrated which means we only have one doctor. Our business is the individual health and cognition of the individual. It has long been recognized that prepaid, preventive services are the most cost effective and high value of health services. As a practice, Cognitive Performance & Health strives to deliver that value.

Cognitive Performance & Health is a direct care practice. This means that the payment of services is spread out over the course of a year. It is not driven by insurance, coding, or the government. It allows testing and treatment to be true to the patient and not guided by a third party. This allows the patient and physician to perform tests that are not covered by insurance. We provide these tests at cost for the patient—there is no mark up. We do not make money ordering tests, and the cost of the test is not passed to the insurance company. This allows for a much wider selection of tests, many of which are for performance, longevity, and cognition.

Every person is an individual. We perform a Life History TM review with each and every patient. This documents milestones along the path of life, as well as suggests occupational exposures, such as metals and infectious diseases, toxic exposures, and their effects upon the development of chronic disease. Because dentition is a milestone, dental records are obtained. Because the lens and retina of the eye are mirrors of the interior of the body, optometric measurements are obtained and followed. Because people who have a genuine interest in performing at their peak mentally have an interest in this practice, a cognitive baseline may be obtained.

This data is put together in the chart and an individual cognitive and health plan is made. Everyone is different, so we do not follow a speedy process that treats people as a herd. Individual patterns emerge, different variables are monitored, a plan is made. The chart becomes a single, important, internalized control, demonstrating improvement over time. This is cost effective, and ultimately reduces the cost of health care as individuals improve in their health, longevity, and performance.

Vascular Disease Prevention

Vascular disease is the number one killer of men over 50 in the United States. At Cognitive Performance & Health we use advance laboratory measurements to define your current risk, and then reduce it. Our risk models were developed at The Cleveland Clinic and are the same ones used by the nation’s best preventative cardiologists.

Measurement of risk and prompt medical treatment can reduce the risk of a heart attack or other vascular event by more than 90%. There is no reason to wait for the symptoms. Identify the risk by blood tests and treat promptly to make the most common disease less common.

Heart Rate Variability

Performance Health
Example of FirstBeat report.

Stress is estimated to contribute to more than 70-90% of our current illnesses. It is an amplifier for our diseases. It is critical to measure our stress, and to reduce it.

How we measure this: We use a 72-Hour variability monitor designed by FirstBeat.
Why we measure HRV: More than 16,000 published works on the value of heart rate variability demonstrate its importance to health and performance. This same equipment is used by 500 major league sports teams.
What a 72-Hour HRV measurement tells us: How you sleep, how well your exercise affects you, and how you recover. It is a very powerful tool to integrate stress measurement into your health and performance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


How Cognitive Performance & Health is Different

Performance HealthYou have access to your doctor by phone, text, e-mail around the clock as well as office visits.
This allows valued continuity of care, so that you can reach the physician who knows you best.

Longer appointment times to visit your physician.
Bring your list. There is sufficient time to go through the items on it. And often your concerns are all related and helping one may well help all.

Development of a wellness and performance plan
Actually develop a plan with your doctor to become healthier and to live well! We do this by using an extended history taking process that goes much deeper than a usual medical history.
Our history form has the ambitious title: “The New Medical Chart: Creation of a Cohesive Health Picture for the Longitudinal Study, Prevention, and Abatement of Disease”.

Memory Testing
We test memory and other domains of cognitive function with a computerized test that is much longer than a standard doctor’s office test. It takes about an hour and so this is a validated test that does not take a long time to perform. The cost is low, so that it can be used multiple times to help measure the improvement of memory and other mental activities. We perform this test as part of our cognitive program, but it also available to non-members.

Accompaniment to selected specialist appointments and to the hospital
While we do not presently admit patients to the hospital, we certainly visit them! We also accompany patients to select specialist appointments as well. This is a great advantage in achieving the best care.

Increased Testing
All of our lab tests are at cost. This means we pass the savings on to you! There is additional laboratory testing available that is not commonly found in other medical offices. This is important, as it allows for better diagnosis and treatment.

Increased waiting comfort
This may be our most important amenity. Our waiting area is luxurious compared to most others, and a decidedly improved environment than what is found in the usual medical waiting room.